Monday, 18 October 2010

Stall them!

Well I don't have anything interesting to say so this is really a filler. Trying hard to come up with a funny and meaningful rap song to highlight my hostility towards religion but it's impossible to do so without a beat! Someone give me a beat to use as a template (I'm looking at you, Frank)!
I was texting on my motorola milestone(droid) as I walked past a group of school children (age 9/10) and a little girl said, "look, he has a mini DS!". It was reeeeally cute. I also saw a hunchbacked lady complaining loudly to herself. Not as cute.
I'll do my best to make a post a day from now on. :)


  1. >"Look, he has a mini DS!"

  2. Hmm, I'm really curious to your rap so I'll give you a beat to use !! Not produced by me though if you don't mind because that takes a lot of work :P

    Try this one since it's one of my favorite hip-hop beats of all time (you know usually EDM is my thing but I appreciate hip-hop from time to time):

    If you need something produced by me it will take lots of more time but I may try it sometime. It will take lots more also because my usual PC with the audio stuff on it I use to produce is in the shop because it broke down, fucking thing sucks...

  3. THe Ipod has some great apps to make some at home beats!