Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hitler confus?

To clarify this whole Hitler clone situation. Scientists find a hair on his painting and use that to recreate his body. This body is of a 25 year old Hitler. His brain, however, will be from when he killed himself (preserved in ice or some crap, not exactly looking for scientific accuracy here). Bear in mind that this will be a comedy so don't expect anything too grim. Information on the other characters will be more relaxed as they have little to no historical relevance.
On to character design. I need help with this. The characters won't be hipster (in case you were wondering) and I'm looking for more detail than stickmen. Meeting with a friend tomorrow to see if he wants to be the artist. More information tomorrow and, if I get the artist, a draft comic; won't upload mine because it's stickmen and absolute shite :)


  1. why would anybody want to revive hitler?

    seems so poitnless...

    unless you revive him over and over just to kill his ass :D

  2. Could make it quite funny im sure.

  3. Put Joseph Goebbels in as well and make it a very angry retard that has all kinds of crazy plans (like he had during WW II) but let them fail completely all the time and then make Hitler yell at him, that should be fun...

  4. hmm can't wait to see what you come up with, this sounds good.

  5. I'd rather revive his evil twin.

  6. can't wait to see what you have tomorrow!