Saturday, 16 October 2010

Out of practice

Wow! There are two really beautiful finnish girls on the train. This completely changes my views on Finland, as I get all of my knowledge of the nordic country from this picture

(Holy crap I can post images from my phone!).
Time to turn on the charm and try out my moves. I've spent a lot of my lifetime insulting others, so much so that it's become my nature. Well I don't see how that can be a hindrance at this moment so here goes.
"Excuse me ladies, but ah, I think you dropped your gay card ;D ."
Uh, that wasn't supposed to happen.
Well I'm going to die alone. Day can't get any worse. See you later.
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  1. i thought Finnish girls are pretty

  2. They may be Finnish, but they're still 3d

  3. All Scandinavian girls are hot but usually actually the Swedish take the crown... Watch out with those Finnish ones though, Finnish people are usually crazy, probably from the cold getting to their brain...

    Also, been a while since I seen you on my blog, check out the latest tunes I posted man, I think you'll like them !!

  4. haha, i'm sad winter is coming

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  6. visiting relatives in finland next year woot

  7. dude i'm back from amsterdam.

    come check out all the cool pictures i took!