Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hunt the most dangerous game

Bought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood the other day. I was playing multiplayer and thought it would make a good IRL game. For those who don't know, the multiplayer mode has you taking on the task of assassinating a player online, all the while avoiding getting assassinated by a different player. Going from being a hunter to running for your life as the hunted is exhilerating.
Turns out there is a real life version of this game. It's called Assassin and receives most of its attention from college students (I would put university students but I think it's mostly an american thing).
Penny Arcade ( did a great strip on the multiplayer mode in AC Brotherhood.

5 comments so far on my previous post. That's currently £5 to a children's charity.  Thank you commenters :)
I'm working this week even though I was supposed to have had the week off. I'll explain tomorrow using trollface and the like.
G'night all.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Please accept my apology

I know, I know, I can't keep to a schedule to save my life. Work and studying has me spending most of my time away from keyboard. Plus I have my driving theory test next week which I have to prepare for. I only ever get a chance to update the blog while I'm on my way to work (like now) and we all know how limited that option is. I get to meet my friend on wednesday/thursday and once that window goes, I have to wait a whole week to see him again. It's a shame since he has gotten better at drawing Hitler. I have the next week off so hopefully you'll finally see something on monday :D .

Yesterday was Children in need day and I didn't donate a penny ,_, . That's why I've decided to donate a £1 for every comment I receive on this post by the end of the month to a children's charity.
Won't somebody please think of the children. helenlovejoy.jpg
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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I stuck rice pudding in my brother's ear lol

Ate my body weight in food, got myself in a religious debate (which ends in a tie as soon as I bring up a point they can't counter FUUUUU-). Trolled my mum by telling her this eid (commemorating Abraham failing to kill his son) should be a christian holiday and told my deeply christian manager that Abraham was a muslim. It made them rage! Attacked my brother with food to distract him from dragon quest.
Everyone was having a great time until I came over to turn their smiles upside down. Made me smile :)
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Monday, 15 November 2010

One of these is not like the other

Blast! It's Eid tomorrow and, while I have no problem with others celebrating their religious holiday, I hate being dragged into it. Coming from a not so strict muslim household, I can often be as flamboyent as I like with my atheism. But not on Eid. On this day the house is ripe with followers making a huge commotion over their fool's gold.
The biggest problem comes from the old folks. Those narrow minded few whom I see when the moon is full and the sacrifice is rich on the altar. That trouble of pride, when they ask me if I have been praying for a loved one's well being. My parents lose colour from their faces, as if they've seen a bruce willis. For a split second they gain telepathy, begging me to humour the crypt-keepers. I do. It makes me sick to my stomach but it prevents a string of heart attacks.
My muslim friends (the few left who weren't turned off by my common sense) will try to kidnap me into their festivities and the ones in the religious closet will plead me to save them from their colourful nightmares.
I can deal with all of this. My life as a recluse is already on a part-time contract and I'm doing everything I can to avoid getting fired from Secluded Persons Inc©. What I'm trying to say is I won't be visiting anyone's blog tomorrow. Scratch that. I will visit your blogs even if it kills me!

Let's end on a happy note. I will definitely upload a page of the webcomic this wednesday/thursday :) . Until then, fuck you God!
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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Damn you, eye contact!

I'm on the underground going through an article I cached on my phone all the while looking around (because that's just something I do). I read something funny and look up at the same time. My eyes accidentally make contact with a fat girl (no, not chubby, full on fat) and she doesn't stop looking at me. Then her friend starts staring at me too (not fat but she had braces and I could tell she couldn't have been older than 14). They smile, grin and chuckle a little while I nod and put up an awkward smile because I feel uncomfortable. I spend the rest of my journey looking at the article I finished reading a while ago in order to avoid anymore eye contact.
In conclusion: I attract fatties and kids. Off to work where I can do something constructive whilst wallowing in my sorrow.
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Friday, 12 November 2010

Ramblings! Lambrings!

Bought Call of Duty: Black Ops the other day. I have to say I'm a little disappointed; It's nothing like Cooking Mama! The maps are okay most of the times and they could have expanded the zombie game a bit more. Should have added bots -_- . All in all it's a pretty decent game.

Strange thing happened yesterday. I had a bit of a change in social decorum and started acting in the nude (No, my followers! Come back! I promise I won't show any pictures!). I read a book, browsed the internet and played flash games in the nude. This morning, after I heaved myself off the bed, I went to put my belt on before my trousers! Weird turn of events. I have clothes on now, though I'm walking home without wearing a jacket or sweater in this cold harsh night.
Off to solve crime with my special ability; lack of social etiquette. Whoosh!
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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Creeping in my souuuul (yada yada)

Two and a half weeks. Damn. You may be wondering what could possibly have taken me aback from updating the blog (or visiting others, for that matter) for so long. How do I say this without sounding emo? Let's see; I was in a state of depression which brought with it a wave of apathy. I simply couldn't give a donkey's briefcase about anything. The depression left after about a week but the sloth effect stayed. Actually that wasn't emo enough.
"My heart beats to the sound of sououououls on a winter's tear of melancholy and grape cactus why doesn't anyone love me Luke I am your father yeah yeah no SCREAM!"
Don't worry, I'm okay now. I won't bore you with the sappy details so let me tell you that the past is the past. I started exercising again and it feels great. My japanese and german vocabulary is expanding nicely too. All in all I'm back to learning as much as I can about subjects that have nothing to do with my course :) .

The webcomic (the only project I was slowly working on during my state) has matured since I first started planning. It's still in its alpha stage since my friend (the artist) and I have ludicrous scheduling conflicts and conflicts with Ludacris, and he doesn't want me to upload anything unfinished (pfft, artists >__>). I'll try to persuade him to let me upload the picture of the four main characters. Now then, off to make a website. No idea how to do that.
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