Friday, 12 November 2010

Ramblings! Lambrings!

Bought Call of Duty: Black Ops the other day. I have to say I'm a little disappointed; It's nothing like Cooking Mama! The maps are okay most of the times and they could have expanded the zombie game a bit more. Should have added bots -_- . All in all it's a pretty decent game.

Strange thing happened yesterday. I had a bit of a change in social decorum and started acting in the nude (No, my followers! Come back! I promise I won't show any pictures!). I read a book, browsed the internet and played flash games in the nude. This morning, after I heaved myself off the bed, I went to put my belt on before my trousers! Weird turn of events. I have clothes on now, though I'm walking home without wearing a jacket or sweater in this cold harsh night.
Off to solve crime with my special ability; lack of social etiquette. Whoosh!
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