Sunday, 10 October 2010

Back into the swing of things

And I'm back! A few days without the internet is hell. If I were a spy and my captives used dial-up as a torture method, none of the UK's secrets would be safe. Now that I'm back home I can visit everyone's blog :D ...after work.
My friend and I decided to have a meme-off. We would basically text each other memes and he had me on the ropes with his lack of knowledge on magnets. That's when I hit him with this.

In the west arm of milky way, born and raised
In the solar system is where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing and such
And orbiting a star, like a planet does
When a couple of particles, noticed I didn't spin
Started making trouble with their solar wind
I got in one little fight and the sun got scared
And said,"I'm giving you a magnet to counteract my flares"
I span on my axis to give it a try
And noticed my shape was more eliptically inclined
If anything I should say that this act was queer
But I thought, "nah forget it" wohoo an atmosphere!
I, used, all of the water to make myself look new
And yelled at all the planets, "I'm better than all of you!"
Looked at my creatures and I already knew
I'm the most important planet, the Earth, the big blue.

It's rubbish, cheesy, doesn't really sit as a meme, historically and scientifically inaccurate, but damnit it rhymes! That's gotta count for something!
Monster mash, bel air; does anyone want to hire me as a DJ for their party?
As german, philanthropic hulk would say, "Guten tag, puny humans!"
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  1. Sounds good mate! Keep it up! Also, awesome comment on my last post, tried to mix them as well (ghetto style ofcourse) and sometimes they do sound good together!

  2. thanks for the comments on my blog!

  3. That song is pretty outta this world, bro. Your licks are straight-up cosmic.

  4. HAHA nice blog hehe check out my reviews and blogs :)