Wednesday, 20 October 2010

F**king copyright, how does it work?!

Well I was planning on posting a draft work of the webcomic but I woke up late and am now on a train in a hurry to get to work. Instead I'll expand a bit more on the story.
The story doesn't only centre around the Dream Weaver. Hitler is one of the main characters (bare with me here). It's a clone of Hitler who has to learn to control his racism and genecidal tendencies to abide by the rules of the 21st century. The other two main characters will be a muslim and a gay man. There's more to it but I don't want to spoil it for you.
Not sure how exactly to protect my idea from theft (paranoia much?), but if you see anyone trying to pass this idea off as their own, be sure to put an olive in their anus as they sleep.
Good day, good evening, good night ;)
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  1. Put a © on it, and it's safe.

  2. >Put a © on it, and it's safe.
    I thought all works were automatically copyrighted upon creation.

    Registered copyrights aren't universal either.

    And some countries permit the use and consumption of creative works under certain circumstances.

  3. Hitler's Racism was inherent in German culture, as Jews were a degraded minority in Germany. His genocidal tendencies were reactionary, being high off his own power, and also he was a crazy motherfucker due to syphillis and his own shit being wack.

    Case in point, I don't think a clone of Hitler would have a biological urge to KILL ALL JEWS.

    Nature Vs. Nurture, bro.

  4. >Put a © on it, and it's safe.

    Sorry, couldn't help but chuckle.

  5. Looking forward to the update.

  6. as long as you give credit to the author, you should be good, right?

  7. @NeedlessToSay and @Kami no Pocky
    Thanks for the advice. Copyright upon creation sounds reasonable and I'll © it too :)

    @Mezzo Catorce
    I think you misunderstood. Nature vs nurture won't play into it as the clone of Hitler won't start off as a baby. It will make more sense to you when you read the comic but thanks for trying to help :)

  8. sounds weridy interesting :D

    if you twist it right i could become brilliant/hilarious