Sunday, 5 December 2010


Bah. I wanted to write this post two days ago but my internet's been on the fritz. Soon as I remember I have blogger on my droid, the freak snowstorm dies and the snow melts, ruining any further veterinary war against the weather stories I may have.

Aaaaaaanyway. True story. I was ice racing against a stranger.-

CONTEXT CHECK: Ice Racing (working title) is a sport between two or more strangers where the aim is to overtake and be in front of a stranger for as long as the parties are walking in the same direction. Doesn't sound too hard. Or fun. But this is where the difficulty kicks in. The footpath is paved with ice. Run or walk carelessly and you take the risk of falling. That would be embarrassing and may make baby jesus cry.
The game is over when neither of the participants are walking tangibly.

-So I'm walking home from a bookstore minding my own business when a young lad overtakes me. As he walks passed he turns his head to look at me then turns it back. The little bastard was mocking me! The race was on. He looks back again and walks faster. I speed up. He looks back once more, jumps on to the road and starts running. The roads are ice free so he's breaking the rules here. This pissed me off.
Didn't his mother teach him to avoid angering a crazy man wearing a black trench coat, lest the man stick on his shadow and bludgeon him with a copy of Richard Dawkins The greatest Show on Earth?
Getting side-tracked here. I ran on the front lawns of the neighbouring houses to catch up to him. He slows down to a halt, and gets on the bus.
-__-' It hit me.
He was looking back to see how far away the bus was.
He sticks one foot in the bus and looks at me, preventing the bus from leaving so I can get on. His charity caught me by surprise. I didn't know what to do. I got on the bus, thanked the boy, and rode the bus to the next bus stop where I got off and walked back.

And that's the end of that chapter. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of the Non-Adventures of Triviaman.
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  1. Wait, you got on the bus although you didn't actually need to just to avoid awkwardness of you following him ?? That's actually pretty damn funny but quite a hassle since you had to walk back and all...

  2. @Frank
    I ran after him because he broke an imaginary rule to a non-existant game which he didn't know he was playing. Awkward wouldn't begin to describe it ._.