Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Broken Silence

I didn't want to write another post until I had my webcomic site up and running but that's taking much longer than expected (partly because I'm an idiot but only just).

I'm on my way to take the driving theory test but I lost my license paper counterpart and missed my bus due to the ice (did not expect a snowstorm at all). The buses are running a time bendingly slow service and I'm going to be half an hour late for the test. If I turn up they'll say, "even if we let you take it now it wouldn't matter because you don't have your license paper counterpart", yet I'm going through the trek anyway.

My wallet is empty, my bank card is at home and my oyster card (travel card) has enough fare for one trip so I'll have to walk for an hour in the residue of snow's slippery brother to get home.
Also, the smell of my hairspray is more potent than both my deoderant and perfume combined.

This isn't the best of days. Sometimes I think my life would be so much better if I were a blues singer, or owned Virgin Media. I have strong reasons to believe it would.

Edit: Turns out replacing my counterpart will cost £20 and I have to book my theory again. I basically spent £50 to do a bit of light cardio. Just f***ing great.
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  1. Sounds like a rough day, hope it gets better for you.

  2. Everything evens out in the end. Prepare for good days!

  3. Traffic slows to a crawl the first time it snows over here as well. The bus drivers drive really snow due to the potential ice as well.

    Hope your days start to get better. Remember to double check next time and take it easy~

  4. Agreed. Things will get better. Looking forward to the webcomic. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  5. Damn, sorry to hear about your shitty day, everyone has bad days...

  6. great background you have here!