Monday, 27 September 2010

First impressions

Funny thing about personas; you can build a character of a person from just one look. From as little as a hairstyle or the colour of their apparel, most of us will judge a person and be adamant we have their identity. Until, of course, new information is thrown in the mix.
The old idiom of "don't judge a book by it's cover" can hit us hard when forced into a conversation made awkward by our preconceived notions, as I was reminded of on my way home last night when a passenger next to me on the train asked to borrow the paper adjacent to my right shoulder.
"Excuse me, could you pass me the paper to your right, please?"
The soft tone in his voice took me by surprise as I was expecting more of a, "oi, muppet!".
"Certainly, sir. Here you go.", I replied, trying to break any comparisons he may have made of me to a typical youth from East London.
This post was originally meant to be about how quick I am to judge others but it span out of control. In future I'll try to be less judgmental. Good night everyone :)
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  1. dont judge a book by its cover is the truth

  2. clothes make people is what they say as well. I guess it's true. It's a shame sometimes as we don't notice some people just because of being judgmental

  3. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  4. It's a mistake we all male. The most we can do is try to be better people day by day.

  5. Haha, funny post! Yeah, it's funny how you can seriously just midjudge people at first sight!

    Also, sorry for your comment not showing up immediatly... I was asleep (also European here) and only just had the time to check it out, next time I'll try to be faster :) Also, thanks for wishing me luck :D

  6. i always leave a terrible first impression :/